What causes storm outages?

LINEMANLocal and widespread power outages can be caused by numerous reasons.  Automotive accidents and even wildlife such as squirrels and birds can create outages.  Many widespread power outages, however, are weather-related.  Storms often bring damaging high winds, lightening, and heavy rain fall.  Storms frequently cause trees to fall across power lines leaving a home, a neighborhood or an entire area without power. 

When severe weather arrives, Lexington Electric employees monitor reports and mobilize crews to begin repairing damage to the power system as quickly as possible.  L.E.S. takes proactive steps to prevent outages during severe weather including right of way clearing, tree trimming, and the use of quality equipment and materials.  Despite these proactive efforts, “Mother Nature” sometimes causes outages that are beyond our control…

What should my family do during a storm outage? 

  • Call L.E.S to report an outage. If the lines are busy, your neighbors probably also are reporting the outage.

  • Please be patient. Telephones are answered 24-hours a day, 7-days a week - even on holidays.  

  • Lexington Electric Phone numbers are:

    • 731-968-3662
    • 731-845-5455
    • 1-800-255-1428

What should we do during an extended outage?

  • Do not open refrigerators or freezers.

  • If radio reports indicate that power may be out for several days, or if your power has been out for several hours, consider moving in with a relative or friend who has power.

  • Remember to check on the elderly and shut-ins in your community.

  • If you rely on supplemental oxygen, plan ahead and maintain a back-up supply of portable oxygen.  If oxygen supplies are limited, call 911 or your medical service providers for assistance.

  • If you use a portable generator, plug appliances directly into the unit. DO NOT plug the generator into a wall outlet, as that allows electricity to travel out of the house and onto electric lines.  LES linemen working to restore power could be injured or killed from your electric generator.

What can I do to help?

  • Never try to move a downed line or the tree that has it pinned.  Call L.E.S.  immediately.  Our linemen have the equipment and training to restore power as quickly and safely as possible

  • Plan AheadDon’t be caught off guard when your power fails!

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